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We would also like to share our wealth of knowledge through our customized training in product design, development and testing.


Manual Sketches

• Manual Sketch Product
• Manual Sketch Furniture
• Manual Sketch Automotive Exterior
• Manual Sketch Automotive Interior

Manual Rendering

• Manual Rendering Product
• Manual Rendering Furniture
• Manual Rendering Automotive Exterior
• Manual Rendering Automotive Interior

Digital 2D Rendering

• Digital Rendering Product
• Digital Rendering Furniture
• Digital Rendering Automotive Exterior
• Digital Rendering Automotive Interior

3D Concept Surface

3D Concept Surface Modeling for
• Product Design
• Furniture Design
• Automotive Exterior
• Automotive Interior

3D Advance Surface

3D Advance Surface Modeling for
• Product Design
• Furniture Design
• Automotive Exterior
• Automotive Interior

3D Digital Rendering

3D Digital Rendering for
• Product Design
• 3D Digital Rendering for Furniture Design
• 3D Digital Rendering for Automotive Exterior
• 3D Digital Rendering for Automotive Interior

A-Class Surface

A-Class Surface Modeling for:
• Product Design
• Automotive Design

Industrial Design & Development Process

Design & Development for:
• Product
• Automotive

Industrial Design Thinking

Design Thinking for:
• Product Design
• Automotive Design

Design DNA Formulation

Design DNA Formulation for:
• Product Design
• Automotive Design

Colour, Material & Finishing

CMF for:
• Product
• Automotive


Product Design Cycle

• Introduction to Product Design Cycle
• Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
• Introduction to Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
• Concept Generation and Sketches
• Material Selection vs Concept Selection
• Human Factor and Ergonomics Consideration
• Introduction to Concept Selection Methods
• Pugh Matrix
• Mechanical Design Features
• Introduction to Optimization Methods
• Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
• Identification of Weak Points in Design
• Introduction to Design of Experiment (DoE)
• Introduction to Verification Methods
• Virtual vs Actual Test Methods
• Generate Test Plan

Correlation Study Methodology of a CAE Simulation

Module 1: Introduction to Correlation Study
• Overview of correlation study methodology
• Importance and advantages of correlation study for CAE Simulation
Module 2: CAE Simulation
• Overview of finite element analysis
• Material properties definition in simulation
• Interpreting simulation results
• Statistical tools for results interpretation
• Good practices in software simulation
Module 3: Experiment
• Overview of Instron Testing Systems
• Compressive vs Tensile test
• Different of elastomer, ductile and brittle Materials
• Overview of stress-strain curve
• Safety precaution during experiment
• Interpreting experiment results
Module 4: Correlation Study
• Correlation between experiment and simulation results

Essential in Plastic Tooling And Molding

Fundamental of Plastic Design
• Plastic Design Guideline
• Gate Type and Location
• Texturing and Draft Angle
• Tolerance Chart
• Insert Moulding/ Over Moulding
• Mould Flow Simulation
Fundamental of Mould Design
• Mould Structure
• Mould Fabrication Process
Injection Moulding Process
• Preparation of Material
• Moulding Process Cycle
• Issues Faced During Moulding
• Quality Inspection and Parts Buy Off

CAD Top Down Design

• Overview of Top Down Design
• Top Down Design Tools
• Planning and Creating Design Frameworks
• Communicating Design Information
• Controlling & Modifying External References
• Distributing design tasks for concurrent development
• Verification and Derivative Design


Conceptual Model Making (Mock-up)

Concept Model for:
• Product Design
• Furniture Design
• Automotive Exterior

Advance Model Making (Epoxy)

Advance Model Making for:
• Product Design
• Furniture Design
• Automotive

Clay Model

Clay Model for:
• Product Design
• Automotive Design

Model Finishing & Painting

Model Finishing & Painting for:
• Product Design
• Automotive Design

3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping Technology

• Introduction to 3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping
• Model making using 3D Printers (Beginner)
• Model making using RP Machine (Advance)

Advance Model Making Course

• Functional Model using RP Technology
• Realistic Model making Techniques
• Mould for thermoforming and casting using RP/3D Printer technology

Reverse Engineering

• Introduction to Reverse Engineering.
• 3D Surfacing Techniques using Rhinoceros and Alias

3D Scanning & Inspection Method

• Introduction to 3D Digitizing Technologies
• Basics of 3D Scanning using ATOS II
• Surface Analysis and Parts Inspection using 3D Scanning methodology.


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