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Reliability Testing
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MIMOS Reliability Lab was established in 2009 with the mission to provide strategic internationally-compliant reliability testing services. The lab provides comprehensive technical support for a wide range of industries including telecommunications, automotive, consumer electrical and electronics products and appliances for multinational corporations, local industries and universities.


The facilities and test methods are in compliance with International Standards such as IEC, Military, ASTM, ISO, JIS and JEDEC.

The lab has been accredited with MS ISO/IEC 17025 Testing Lab Competency by Standards Malaysia (DSM) for mechanical and electrical field of scope.

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Climatic Chamber

Purpose: Temperature steady state or cycling with humidity
Capability: Programmable chambers with real-time recorder, able to accommodate product size up to 1m x 1m x 1m, temperature capability from -70⁰C to 180⁰C with 10% to 98% relative humidity and up to 4 K/min ramp rate.

Thermal Shock

Purpose: Rapid extreme temperature change
Capability: Air-to-air programmable chamber with temperature range of -80⁰C to 220⁰C.

High Temperature Oven

Purpose: High temperature
Capability: Dry ovens with port holes for interface cable assess, temperature up to 300⁰C.


Purpose: Highly Accelerated Stress Test (comply to JESD22-A110) and Autoclave Test (comply to JESD22-A102)
Capability: The temperature range is from 105⁰C to 150⁰C, with relative humidity from 65% to 100%RH and pressure from 0.019 to 0.208MPa.

Salt Spray

Purpose: Simulate corrosive atmosphere
Capability: Natural Salt Mist/ Salt Fog/ Corrosion Resistance test, with temperature up to 50⁰C.

Blowing Rain

Blowing RainPurpose: Simulate rain drop and blowing rain for outdoor electronic devices
Capability: Wind speed up 40 mph, in compliant to Mil-Std-810G, Method 506.5

Xenon Chamber

Xenon Chamber
Purpose: Simulates outdoor sunlight
Capability: Comply to ASTM G155-04, Xenon Arc Lamp with Boro Silicate/Quartz inner filter, Boro Silicate/Soda Lime outer filter, temperature range from 40°C to 120°C (Dark) and relative humidity up to 100%RH (Dark).


Integrated Climatic and Vibration Chamber

Integrated Climatic & Vibration Chamber2
Purpose: Simulate a combined environment of temperature, humidity and vibration
Capability: The temperature range from -65⁰C to 180⁰C with 10% to 98% relative humidity. The electro-dynamic shaker with frequency up to 2000Hz for sinusoidal or random vibration.


Purpose: Simulate dynamic transportation, storage and operational
Capability: 3-axis electro-dynamic shaker with frequency range from 5Hz to 2000Hz for resonance check, sinusoidal, random and shock/bump testing. Acceleration up to 20 G RMS (for 1 kg payload). Maximum displacement and payload is 54mm and 140 kg, respectively.

Instron Mechanical Testing System

Instron Machine

Purpose: Mechanical material characterization
Capability: Two load-cells of 5kN and 50kN (5 ton), in tension and compression mode according to ISO7500-1

Water Ingression Test

Purpose: Water ingression protection validation in compliant to IEC60529
Capability: Water jet, IPX5/ IPX6 and temporary submersible, IPX7.

Drop Tester

Purpose: Free fall or Drop Test for handheld product
Capability: Standard fall height of 1 meter, drop onto concrete/ stainless steel plate/ wood. The maximum device under test weight up to 85kg.

Ball Impact Tester

picture2Purpose: Material robustness against impact loading
Capability: Up to 1 kg ball drop from 1 m height.

ESD Simulator


Purpose: Electrostatic Discharge Immunity
Capability: Air-Discharge & Contact-Discharge, with voltage rating range from 2kV to 30kV, compliant to standard IEC61000-4-2 for commercial electronic and ISO 10605 ESD for Automotive Road Vehicles.


OGP Smart Scope

Purpose: 3D inspection measurement
Capability: measurement range from 300 x 300 x 200 mm, resolution of 0.5 um with XY accuracy : 1.5 + 5L/1000 um and Z accuracy : 3.0 + 6L/1000 um

Latch Unlatch Cyclic Life Test


Purpose: Determine fatigue life of latch system
Capability: Consistent latch and unlatch mechanism replicating actual field condition

Mechanical Component Cyclic Life


Purpose: Determine fatigue life of mechanical components such as swivel LCD, door hinges etc.
Capability: Custom cyclic tester up to 100M cycles.


Reliability Analysis


Determine if your product is meeting the targeted operational life or warranty period. Accelerated Life Test plan preparation and assessment. Statistical result analysis using Weibull and ALTA reliability software.

Product Qualification

Product Qual


Determine what test type and standard compliance to meet in order to market your product. Access to international knowledge database for references. Pre-compliance, benchmarking or characterisation testing. Well verse in IEC, Military, ISO and ASTM test standard.

New Testing Research


Correlation between field to laboratory testing. New technology performance verification and validation.

Total Solution



End to end technical coverage on pre-test and post reliability testing. Strategic partner with Industrial and mechanical design, rapid prototyping, hardware automation house, software validation testing, failure and material analysis.

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